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The firm specializes in the following areas:

Commercial law

Our firm offers detailed advice on a wide range of issues relating to company law, with special attention paid to tailoring Articles of Association and shareholders' agreements in general (especially in light of new opportunities provided by law).

We have gained valuable experience in the sale of shares and companies, including extraordinary transactions such as mergers, invested capital, demergers, etc.

The firm also handles preventative procedures in legal action involving directors and auditors, deals with insolvency, debt restructuring (refer to section below) and contractual agreements in general, including protection of personal property.

We pay close attention to all aspects of tax legislation, with the cooperation, where appropriate, of leading accounting firms and experts.

Our offices are also able to provide assistance in the event of international sales and purchase agreements.

Labor Law

Our firm handles labor law issues from the point of view of both employer and employee. Consulting services range from contractual issues to assistance during the jurisdictional phase, with particular attention to litigation and instruments of reconciliation.

We work in partnership with other professionals to manage highly complex situations, including procedures involving managing redundancies.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

Our team is able to manage the presentation of restructuring or closure agreements. This can also be done in collaboration with other professional bodies.

Our firm is especially equipped for crisis management and, in particular, any situations where there is the need to draw up plans to avoid recourse to judicial remedies.

During the planning and study phase, our staff carry out a detailed analysis of any profiles likely to be a potential source of liability for directors and, for this purpose, we engage the services of experts in criminal law.

The firm collaborates continuously with receivers and liquidators who assists in performing credit recovery and revocatory action.

DFamily Law and the Rights of Persons

Besides our usual assistance in cases of separation, divorce or custody of minors born out of wedlock (with close attention paid to taxation issues), our offices are available for advice on handling the assets of the couple, whether married, in the process of getting married or in a common law marriage.

Finally, we also provide legal advice and support on issues involving deprival of rights and guardianship of property. Such activities are based primarily on the expertise and experience of Roberta Di Maggio, Esq.

Succession and Distribution

Our staff can offer advice on inheritance, allocation agreements (Art. 2645 ter cc), trusts and family pacts, in partnership - when appropriate - with the cooperation of experienced notaries public.

We also deal with the division and distribution of estate – inheritance ad otherwise - both in a court of law and in out-of-court settlements.

Agreements and contracts

Contractual assistance provided by our offices regards predisposition, review and arbitration with counterparts, while always paying the utmost attention to tax issues and making sure any agreement safeguards the client's interests.

Right in rem

We offer assistance in the safeguarding of property and other rights in rem - even in situations of extreme urgency. This includes problems arising as a result of shared or co-ownership or apartment blocks.

In the area of ​​litigation, we employ the collaboration of court-appointed experts.

Arbitration procedure

Our offices have extensive experience in assisting clients in arbitration proceedings. Some of our professionals have been part of colleges, including chairing such colleges.

Asset recovery

Our firm can also carry out this type of activity. Asset recovery is largely performed for clients – primarily companies – that our team support in other areas.

In such cases, an initial analysis of the type and level of liability is carried out. Following this, we generally propose a consulting agreement with a forfeit fee on a lump sum basis. In all such circumstances, however, our aim remains the same; maximize the benefit for the client while keeping the financial cost as low as possible.

In close correlation with asset recovery, our firm also has extensive experience in derivative suits and revocatory actions aimed at recovering debtor assets that may have been illicitly embezzled.

Media reconciliation

Specialised training performed by some of the lawyers in the firm allows us to provide clients solid support in cases of media reconciliation, both in the event that this is required by law, and in cases where it is appropriate to make an attempt to do so, even if not required by law.